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Model behaviour: Gisele launches model search in Brazil

She’s not just an extremely pretty face. Gisele Bundchen doesn’t forget where she came from when she’d started her modelling career, which is why she is ready and willing to lend a helping hand for a worthwhile cause.

gisele bundchen model search brazilGisele Bundchen is proving that not only does she have beauty and brains, but she’s also really sweet!

The supermodel, who has wowed the world with her stunning beauty, is moving aside from the catwalk and giving another lucky woman an opportunity to strut her stuff. The mom and model was in her home country of Brazil to launch and promote a model search, which, according to the Daily Mail, looks for aspiring models in Brazil’s most deprived areas. The top model was on the scene to offer her experience and advice to eager contestants.

“I feel privileged to be the sponsor of this project,” says Gisele, according to the Daily Mail.

The initiative and contest, which is called Top Central Union of Slums, was developed to boost “slum-dwellers’ self-esteem” and will choose one finalist from one of Brazil’s 27 states as the winner. The 31-year-old offered some valuable advice to the model hopefuls on not only looking good, but also feeling good.

“You have to know your good side for photos… to feel comfortable in your own skin to be beautiful and to have a lot of perseverance,” says Gisele.

It’s really nice to see Gisele take time out from her busy life and help those who are not as fortunate. But this opportunity probably gives her a chance to reconnect with her roots and maybe silence those pesky rumours that she and husband, NFL-er Tom Brady, are expecting another child. Just last week, sources told Us Weekly that Gisele is “three months pregnant” and that the attractive couple is “really happy about the new addition.”

Gisele has yet to confirm the rumour, but we’re sure she’s at least really happy to be using her modelling skills to help others.

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