Bad romance: Lady Gaga hit by a pole at concert

It happens to the best of us. During a concert in New Zealand, Lady Gaga was accidentally hit with a metal pole by a backup dancer. Is she going to be OK?

Lady Gaga

Another a day, another round in celebrities vs. inanimate objects.

This time, Lady Gaga walked away with a concussion after being struck by a pole during a concert in New Zealand.

The songstress, whilst performing her song “Judas” and contorted in a dance pose, was hit in the head with a metal pole prop by an unaware backup performer who was trying to remove it from the stage.

Gaga staggered and exited the stage, but returned to perform another 16 songs.

“I want to apologize,” she told the audience. “I did hit my head, and I think I may have a concussion. But don’t you worry, I will finish this show.”

Now that’s called dedication. Don’t you feel kind of guilty, thinking of all those times you’ve called in sick to work because of a minor cold or migraine or no reason at all? And here’s Gaga, who carries on after being bludgeoned by a hunk of steel… Naw, no need for guilt. That’s the only reason daytime television still exists — we’re saving jobs!

And to the backup dancer who wielded the pole, we say: “You’re fired!”

This is not the first time a celebrity has suffered at the hands of an inert item. A few weeks ago, Justin Bieber suffered a concussion as well after walking into a glass wall at a concert. Are our possessions trying to send us a message, or are the stars simply lacking in glasses and safety precautions?

Either way, it’s 2-0 in favour of the inanimates. Will the celebs retaliate or secede?


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