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No boys allowed: Mary-Kate Olsen dating older French fella

Mary-Kate reportedly has her sights set on someone new who just happens to be older and more sophisticated, proving that age is just a number when it comes to love.

mary kate olsen dating olivier sarkozy

Take note, Hayden Panettiere: You’re not the only celebrity woman who can date older men!

Mary-Kate Olsen, who is the famous and fashionable celebrity twin of Ashley Olsen, has been rumoured to be dating the suave, much older Olivier Sarkozy, brother of the former French president, and now sources are claiming that these rumours are not just rumours — they’re actually true!

“It’s true, they’re dating, and she’s definitely interested in him,” says a source to Us Weekly. “MK is constantly complaining about boys not being mature enough for her. She got the kids out of her system. Now being a businesswoman dominates her time, and she is rarely impressed with guys.”

Sounds like Mary-Kate is looking for someone who is as sophisticated as she is, no matter if there is an 17-year difference between the two (Olivier is 42 and Mary-Kate is 25).

But we have to wonder, why the sudden desire for an older lad, considering the 25-year-old’s relationship timeline shows that she preferred men who were closer to her age? I mean, she briefly dated Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos III in 2005, who is now 27. She then dated late artist Dash Snow from 2006 to 2007 (he was 25 at the time) and she started dating artist Nate Lowman in 2008, who was only 7 years older than her.

Well, there is one pattern here, and that’s that Mary-Kate must really like unique and artistic guys. I guess we’ll see how well dating a businessman goes for her.

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