Chris Brown sells penthouse, Wilmer faces neighbourly woes

Rowdy boys will be rowdy boys, and apparently that can get them in trouble, even if they’re rich celebrities. The two young male celebs have been faced with complaints from neighbours, and while Chris is moving on and away from his neighbourly woes, Wilmer’s have just begun.

chris brown selling penthouseChris Brown is moving on and moving out.

The R&B musician has put his West Hollywood condominium up for sale for $1.89 million, according to the Daily Mail. The “Turn Up the Music” artist is selling the three-bedroom penthouse after purchasing it in February. Although the humble abode boasts a roomy kitchen with a large window and an envy-worthy balcony, he hasn’t exactly had the best experience living there.

Last year, the 23-year-old had a sky-high pile of 117 parking tickets against him from the condo, claiming he had parked in handicap spaces. According to TMZ, Chris had $15,000 worth of parking citations.

Wow! That much? Maybe it would be better for him to have a chauffeur; then he wouldn’t have to worry about parking.

Chris eventually was let go for 95 of 117 tickets, but he also had to deal with neighbours complaining about his loud music and bothersome dogs. Maybe it’s a good thing Chris has moved to a bachelor pad now — he doesn’t have to worry about all this house drama.

But Chris isn’t the only fella on the Hollywood block experiencing neighbourly disputes. That ’70s Show Wilmer Valderrama is currently in a housing situation of his own: His neighbour is suing him for being too loud. In a report by TMZ, the actor is accused by the homeowner next door of throwing “ragers,” and the neighbour filed a suit claiming one of the major issues is the “ongoing and continuing loud and disturbing noises from the property.”

There is no word yet from Wilmer on the whole thing, but maybe it would be a good investment if Wilmer and Chris found a huge, secluded house in L.A. and became roommates. That way they could make all the noise they want, and neither of them would be bothered!

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