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Miley Cyrus on first sex scene: “I forgot to shave my legs

She’s not a little girl anymore. The former Disney star and young Hollywood starlet has grown out of her comfort zone and tried her acting abilities in an entirely different movie scene than we’re used to seeing the teen sensation act in.

miley cyrus sex scene

What’s the best way to shed your squeaky clean persona? Do a sex scene, of course.

Former Disney star and pop musician Miley Cyrus is showing the world she has officially evolved from her former Hannah Montana alter ego and is becoming a mature young woman after doing her first sex scene in her new romantic comedy film, LOL. Miley, who plays main character Lola in the film, which is based on the French film of the same name, says that doing the sensual scene was out of her norm, but she got prepared for it as best as she could.

“Breath mints, stomach crunches, spray tan. Plus workouts to make my boobs look bigger, perk them up,” says Miley about the pre-prep work required, according to The Sun UK.

The 19-year-old performed the scene with actor Douglas Booth, who plays Miley’s love interest, and even though we know that as of right now, Miley’s heart belongs to her beau, Liam Hemsworth, she had no problem locking lips with the British actor, who she says is “gorgeous.”

“It was the first scene we shot together. First day, and it was the sex scene. I forgot to shave my legs. I was in the trailer, and I was like, ‘Give me a razor, quick,'” says Miley. “It was really funny having someone lie with the camera and saying, ‘OK, put your leg in your hand. Can we see movement?'”

Well, at least she had fun with it and realized it’s just acting. So don’t worry, Liam. Remember: It was just acting.

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