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Jenny McCarthy to appear on the cover of Playboy

Actress Jenny McCarthy is ready to be on the cover of Playboy once again, almost 20 years since her first appearance.

Jenny McCarthy

Oh, Playboy… It’s simply timeless, no?

Jenny McCarthy, like a boomerang, is coming back to grace the cover of the iconic magazine once again, nearly 20 years after her first “exposure.”

The 39-year-old actress will not only brighten up the cover of the July-August issue, but will also entice with a nude pictorial. Oh man, there will be lineups for this one…

“All I wanted to do [when she began in the industry] was work with my clothes on, and now I just hope to get them off!” McCarthy told E! News.

The actress first appeared in Playboy in 1993, subsequently becoming a Playmate of the Month and, later on, Playmate of the Year.

There ye have it. Will you be grabbing this issue, or it ain’t no big deal?

Photo courtesy of: Ivan Nikolov/

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