OneRepublic's Eddie Fisher pleads not guilty to charges

May 17, 2012 at 4:20 p.m. ET

Oy. OneRepublic drummer Eddie Fisher pleaded not guilty to assault and damage charges filed by his girlfriend in Denver.

Eddie Fisher

Well, now they have some heavy material for a new album…

OneRepublic's drummer, Eddie Fisher, has pleaded not guilty to assault, destruction of private property, wrongs to a minor and two counts of disturbing the peace — charges filed by his girlfriend, Lonnie Weygant, yesterday in Denver.

Oh, is that all? Someone's been busy.

The deconstruction of the violent altercation remains unpublicized, but Weygant told Denver's FOX 31 this:

"Things just got out of hand, and he snapped… and my entire cabinets are ripped off from my walls. I had my feet up against the wall, trying not to let him in, and he busted through the door, and he pushed me through the cabinets."

In return, Fisher accuses Weygant of hitting him in the head and stealing his dog.

Don't they just sound like a lovely couple to share a cottage with or to invite to a fondue party?

Fisher was released on a $550 bond.

Wowza. Puts our own relationships in perspective, doesn't it? Food for thought.

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