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Mariah Carey on Britney’s new X Factor role: “I don’t care

Mariah doesn’t have a care in the world, especially about what’s going on with The X Factor. The songstress has shared her thoughts on her fellow musician’s snagging the judging seat on the reality show.

mariah carey x factor

It looks like not everyone is congratulating Britney Spears on her new role.

Diva musician Mariah Carey has spoken out about the pop queen being signed as a judge on The X Factor, and she made it clear she’s not exactly jumping up and down and waiting to congratulate the singer. “You think I focus on that stuff? Have we met?” says Mariah to Extra. “I love [Britney]. Honestly. I think she’s a very nice person, but I don’t care who’s going on that show — as long as it’s not me.”

Hmm, do we sense a bit a jealousy, or is that just Mariah’s natural diva-ness coming out? But we can totally understand why she might not care about The X Factor. After all, she was rumoured as one of the powerful musicians to fill one of the two vacant judging seats, yet she never got it. As you might have heard by now, both X Factor seats were filled, one by Ms. Spears, and the other by teen sensation and former Disney triple threat Demi Lovato.

But according to Us Weekly, Simon says the reason he didn’t hire the 42-year-old R&B sensation was her busy schedule.

“I adore her, love her. But you can’t expect someone who has just had two kids and has a record career to make the kind of commitment we would need on this show.”

So you see, Mariah? Simon really would’ve liked to have seen you in the judging seat, but he cares about your well-being. So no hard feelings, right?

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