Ryan and Blake not so welcoming to neighbours in new area

May 11, 2012 at 3:22 p.m. ET

This celebrity couple isn't making a good mark so far in their new neighbourhood. The young Hollywood actor and actress are being accused of not playing nice with their neighbours and are bringing their Hollywood demands to their new suburban oasis.

ryan reynolds blake lively new house

It's not such a wonderful day in the neighbourhood for neighbours of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

The celebrity lovebird couple, who has been on the hunt for their perfect house, have found it in Bedford, New York, but the community isn't exactly getting the welcome wagon ready for the celebrity duo.

According to the New York Post, Ryan and Blake were "over the top" with their confidentiality demands when purchasing their $2.3 million mansion in the Westchester area. The two were also claimed to be not so friendly to some dining patrons at the Bedford Post Inn, a restaurant owned by Richard Gere. A couple tells the NY Post that as they left the restaurant at the same time as Ryan and Blake, the Green Lantern actor turned around and asked the dining patrons, "Are you following me?"

Wow, that's definitely not a way to greet others, is it? I mean, we know Ryan is a celeb, but there is no need for the celeb diva attitude in a location far away from Hollywood. Maybe he's been channelling Blake's Gossip Girl character Serena a little too much. Apparently the dining couple agreed and told the news source they thought Ryan needed "a reality check."

Well, hopefully Ryan feels sorry about the mishap, and because he's so handsome, talented and usually not so mean, we'll forgive him. But only this time.

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