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How to have a Mother’s Day fit for a celebrity

Want to make this Mother’s Day extra special? Celebrate the day like your favourite celebrity mom!

Gwyneth Paltrow

Break out the vases, and fire up your sweet tooth: Mother’s Day is upon us! This Sunday, moms and moms-to-be everywhere will be revered as the superhumans they are by their children and partners. Rather than ask Mom for money or lose our cool when she asks what we’re wearing, we will shower her with love, flowers and chocolate and endure her nagging — er, harmless suggestions — with a smile.

Mother’s Day is Mom’s one day a year to be treated like a celebrity, but sometimes the traditional big family brunch ends up being more hectic than Hollywood. This year, why not really make Mother’s Day special and celebrate it like an actual celebrity mom? With women in Hollywood giving birth or announcing their pregnancies practically every day, there is no shortage of which celebrity mom or mom-to-be to use as inspiration. Try our suggestions, or have fun coming up with your own.

Gwyneth Paltrow Mother’s Day

Forget breakfast in bed; instead, have breakfast in a meadow at sunrise. Be sure to pack extra spelt bread and preservative-free jam. After you’ve finished your healthy breakfast feast, find a nearby willow tree and rest in its sprawling shade as you curl up with your angelic children, who have made you a crown of daisies, and read The Chronicles of Narnia. Then, head back home, where your adoring husband has laid out a beautiful lunch spread for everyone, rich in fresh, organic foods and low in sugar. Take some time to relax in the bath with salts and essential oil as you enjoy a good book and some India Arie. Cap it all off with a candlelight family dinner on the deck as the fireflies dance and the crickets sing.

Snooki Mother-to-be Day

Wake up at 10 a.m. Hit the snooze button. Wake up again at noon. Head to the kitchen for some breakfast. Tweet about Mother’s Day, and include a twitpic of your baby bump. Head outside and tan with a virgin margarita in hand. Fall asleep in the sun. Wake up soaking wet after your besties have dumped your margarita on you. Push one of them into the pool. Go inside with everyone to find a dinner laid out by your baby’s daddy that contains no shortage of fried foods or pickles. Or fried pickles. Get into a fight with your BFF and pull her hair. Make up with her after seven minutes. OMG best Mother’s Day ever!

Angelina Jolie Mother’s Day

Wake up to the gentle breeze of one of your children fanning you with a large palm leaf. Be spoon-fed your breakfast in bed by one child while two others give you a manicure and pedicure and your husband reads you the newspaper. Climb onto your transportable throne and recline as your brood of offspring transports you to the yard. There, enjoy the outdoors while they continue to fan you and keep you comfortable, bringing you lemonade and coconut water at your request. When you’ve tired of this, have them bring you inside, where your husband has been slaving away in the kitchen, making you a meal of rare grains and spices. Enjoy your meal and the calming aroma of incense. Afterward, ascend once again to your bedroom and engage in a marathon of lovemaking with your husband.

Megan Fox Mother-to-be Day

What are you talking about? Megan’s not pregnant, OK?

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