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Brooke Shields attends Met Gala with a cane?

Brooke Shields is always in top shape, but she did need a bit of help from a cane whilst attending the Met Costume Institute Gala. What happened?

Brooke Shields

Oh, look at that beauty! The hair, the J. Mendel gown… the cane? Erm, wussup with that?

Brooke Shields attended the Met Costume Institute Gala sporting a peculiar accessory: a cane! And she wasn’t even wearing a suit or a monocle… So what happened?

The actress told E! News that she broke her meniscus in the knee while performing in Broadway’s The Addams Family as Morticia Addams. But even that did not stop her from attending the gala (though she did confess she was wearing flip-flops under the dress!).

The things one does for fashion, eh? We’re looking at you, strappy heels and airtight little black dress. If only we showed half that dedication for environmental or human activism. But priorities are priorities.

But there ye have it. Brooke Shields is a trooper. Opinions?

Photo courtesy of: Andres Otero/

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