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Demi Moore unveils new Twitter handle

Admit it, you’ve been curious. After Demi and Ashton went their separate ways, we all knew a new Twitter handle was in order. But what is it?

Demi Moore

This is kind of like removing the tattooed name of your former beau, but with Twitter, yes?

After jumping back into the Twitter pool and announcing the inevitable change of her handle, Demi Moore is @mrskutcher no mo’!

Indeed, the actress hollered at her dedicated fan base for creative aid, and now she can be found at the handle @justdemi. What do y’all think?

“So hard finding a name that was fun somewhat playful and available. So for now it will be @justdemi. It could grow on me!” Moore excitedly tweeted.

It’s simple — we like it. After being bombarded by constant Ashton Kutcher drama and her hospitalization, perhaps being just Demi is perfect.

Besides, in the bottomless pit of awful usernames and handles, it could’ve been kewlgurldemi or demimoomoo12 or something of the kind… We shudder at the thought.

There ye have it. Opinions or suggestions?

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