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Roll Star Wars Day and Cinco de Mayo into one Jedi-riffic fiesta

The age-old dilemma is upon us: How do we manage honouring Star Wars Day and Cinco de Mayo — two very important holidays that come one immediately after the other — without completely losing steam and compromising our celebrations? We’ll show you how!

Star Wars

Well, it’s that time of year again, when the two most important holidays on the calendar run one after the other in a marathon of celebration and lightsabers: Star Wars Day and Cinco de Mayo. For anyone who doesn’t know, today, May 4, is affectionately known as Star Wars Day, thanks to the popular pun “may the fourth be with you,” while Cinco de Mayo is Spanish for “the fifth of May.”

It is an important time of year for us all, as we pay tribute to these two pillars of our North American culture. But each year, as we strive to commemorate both days with equal attention and honour, we are faced with the dilemma of having to switch gears entirely from May 4 to May 5; no sooner have we placed the last bobby pin in our Princess Leia buns than is it time to let them down and strike up the mariachi band. The last thing we want is to cut back on the celebration of either day, but sometimes that seems like the only solution to this age-old problem. Whatever are we to do?

Simple: Combine the days into one enormous Mexican-themed Star Wars celebration. No longer will we have to split our attention between Return of the Jedi re-enactments and getting the salsa ready. With these time-saving tips, you’ll have everyone shouting, “Cinco de Mayo the fourth be with you!”

Watch Star Wars dubbed in Spanish

You already know the lines to every one of the Star Wars movies by heart, so really, watching them in another language will not interfere with your Star Wars-enjoying experience; in fact, it may very well enhance it! When you put your DVDs in, just switch the language to Spanish, and get ready for the adventure of your life. And trust us, Jar Jar Binks and Jabba the Hutt are way sexier en espanol.

Give your Star Wars costume a Mexican flair

One thing we’ve always thought Darth Vader was missing was a large, festive sombrero. Make a real statement at your Star Wars costume party by tying in the thriving culture of Mexico. Planning to go as Luke Skywalker? Dress up that Jedi suit with a colourful neck bandana. Dressing as Queen Amidala? Try adding green and red to your white-painted face in honour of Mexico’s flag. The envy of all your friends, you shall be.

Glue the faces of famous Mexican celebrities to your Star Wars action figures

Now you won’t have to spend your life wondering what Jessica Alba would look like as C-3P0 thanks to this valuable suggestion. As you arrange your Star Wars action figures into elaborate representations of the series’ most famous scenes, be sure to paste onto their plastic faces cut-outs of your favourite Mexican celebrities. Mark Consuelos, Selena Gomez, Salma Hayek, Eva Longoria and George Lopez are just a few more famous faces that might add some Mexican glamour to your mini Star Wars displays.

Serve a Star Wars-inspired Mexican feast

What’s better than fresh guacamole? Fresh Chewbacca-mole. Adding a twist of Star Wars to your Cinco de Mayo meal will be as refreshing as an ice-cold Death Star-garita. Instead of empanadas, serve empan-Yodas; instead of chorizo, serve chorizObi-Wan Kenobi; try Darth Maul-sa instead of salsa. The possibilities are truly endless and delicious.

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