Miley Cyrus “works out” twice, accused of fitness obsession

Sweet Jebus. Miley Cyrus can’t leave her house without a media riot. The young starlet is accused of workout obsession after being spotted “exercising” twice in one day.

Miley Cyrus

All right, let’s clear things up before the eye-poking begins…

Miley Cyrus — the young media favourite targette — is yet again accused of image issues. She was spotted “exercising” twice in one day, and rumours of fitness obsession hit the web instantaneously.

Here’s le scoop: The 19-year-old starlet was seen walking her dog Floyd in Studio City, California (pictured left) and then changed outfits to attend a Pilates class in West Hollywood (pictured right). Both are obvious signs of exercise obsession, of course…

First off, since when is walking your dog considered a workout? Is feeding your dog or taking a shower considered an intense form of fitness as well? Miley Cyrus clearly is not very busy, she’s young and she wants to stay fit — hence the Pilates.

The poor child is already plagued by lactose intolerance and a gluten allergy, so obviously sandwiches and cakes are out of the question. But she looks great, so let’s not be too jealous and make up rumours.

There ye have it. Opinions?

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