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Lindsay Lohan tips cleaner $100

Although we’re used to hearing crazy stories about Lindsay, this one is actually sweet. The actress allegedly left a very hefty tip for an elderly cleaner at the White House.

Lindsay Lohan

She may not be punctual, law-abiding, sober or the best driver, but Lindsay Lohan sure is generous.

The actress popped by the 98th Annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner in Washington D.C. on Saturday, and according to reports, left a substantial tip for a cleaner in the bathroom.

How substantial?

One hundred greenbacks, exactly. Lohan visited the ladies’ room on official business (Get it? Bathroom humour) and met an elderly Hispanic cleaner named Bianca. The actress was amazed by the cleaner’s hard work and advanced age, reportedly told her that she was too old to do such work and handed her a $100 bill. Lohan insisted she take the money even though the cleaner initially refused to accept it.

Boy, are we cleaning bathrooms at the wrong house, eh? It was a very decent deed, and we are full of pride, Linny-Lins!

There ye have it. Lindsay Lohan ain’t so bad, y’all.

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