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Adam Levine thinks Jennifer Love Hewitt is “aggressive”

This is probably not the response Jennifer Love Hewitt was hoping for, but Adam Levine called the actress’s confession “aggressive.”

Adam Levine

We always thought The Ellen DeGeneres show brought people together…

Earlier this month, Jennifer Love Hewitt confessed she’s got the hots for Adam Levine and would like to give him a “massage.” Well, yesterday Levine paid a visit to Ellen as well, and he just couldn’t resist addressing the Client List star’s comment.

“I heard about that. That was aggressive,” the Maroon 5 front man said. “It was really sweet and flattering. Beautiful life, you know, when a beautiful woman says nice things about you.”

Aggressive? Hewitt simply voiced the opinion and inner wishes of millions of women. You know, Adam Levine, a dinner, some melted butter and strawberries…? Just us?

But Levine claims he’s no prize and can be difficult to handle. Aw, pookie, how can that be true?

“I can be a huge pain in the a**, huge pain in the a**,” the singer told Paper magazine in its May issue. “That’s part of who I am, and there’s not a person I know who doesn’t think I’m a pain in the a**. But I’m also really nice and a completely affable and socially adept person. There’s a difference between being an a**hole and a pain in the a**.”

Well, from the excessive use of the indicative word for one’s posterior, we can safely assume that Adam Levine thinks he’s a pain in the keister, yes? But how can someone so beautiful be a nuisance? That makes no sense…

But there you have it. Adam Levine is perfect, and Jennifer Love Hewitt knows it. Godspeed!

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