Hillary Clinton parties in South America

Yay! Hillary Clinton is a human, after all. The politician was seen drinking and dancing with friends at a Colombian bar over the weekend.

Hillary Clinton

Ladies, pay attention!

Former first lady Hillary Clinton was spotted partying it up at a bar in Colombia. The U.S. Secretary of State showed up at Cafe Havana in Cartagena, Colombia — she’s in South America for the Sixth Summit of the Americas — with a dozen or so friends and ordered beer and whisky. Next thing you know, a flood of photos emerged in the local paper and on the internet depicting Mrs. Clinton knocking back beer and dancing the rumba with her hands up in the air. Oh yeah, Hillary knows what’s up.

She is also 64 years old.

Oh, that woman… How can you not love her? According to reports, Clinton and friends stayed at the bar for about half an hour and left a $40 tip. That ain’t bad.

This will definitely boost her lovability among potential voters. It looks more realistic than a staged photo of Clinton shaking hands with the local firefighter or volunteering at the soup kitchen.

So next time you feel old, think of Hillary, and throw your hands up in the air. If only we could get Stephen Harper to do something more wild than play the piano…

But there ye have it.

Photo courtesy of: WENN.com

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