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Emma Watson spotted with a new man

The perks of being Emma Watson… The actress was seen at Coachella with a new man, and they were being all kinds of touchie-feely.

Emma Watson

But what will Ron say?

Harry Potter star Emma Watson was spotted avec new beau at the Coachella Festival yesterday.

The actress — who also celebrated her 22nd birthday on Sunday — was photographed being all kinds of cuddly and kissy-kiss with a certain Will Adamowicz at the Laura Marling performance. According to reports, Watson met Adamowicz at Oxford University, where he was on placement from Brown University (coincidentally the actress will be completing her studies there).

The rumoured couple was seen being very affectionate out in the open. Le gasp! No hiding?

So dating fellow celebrities is not trendy anymore, eh? Watson has previously dated Johnny Simmons, whom she met on the set of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, as well as musician George Craig of One Night Only.

There ye have it. Love is in the air. What do y’all think?

Photo courtesy of: Daniel Deme/

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