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Rihanna halts television interview after relationship questions

No questions, please. Rihanna clearly doesn’t want people prying into her romantic quests anymore, and she’s making that clear after refusing to talk about her love life to the media.

rihanna love relationshipsRihanna‘s personal life is no longer open for business.

The “Birthday Cake” artist was suddenly mum after she was asked a few questions about her love life on Australian talk show Sunrise. Rihanna was cool, calm and collected throughout the whole interview while talking about her current acting gig in Battleship and her music career, but as soon as the reporter asked about her love life, Rihanna seemed to get quite frustrated.

“[It’s] very frustrating,” says Rihanna in response to the Sunrise reporter’s love question. “Almost as frustrating as being asked about it.”

And if that blunt response from Rihanna wasn’t enough for the reporter to stop prying about the singer being linked to actor Ashton Kutcher and ex Chris Brown, she followed up with another question, which resulted in back and forth banter — and a very irritated-looking Rihanna.

“Yeah, you don’t like going there?” asks the reporter.

“I mean, what’s the point?” says Rihanna.

“Well, people are interested in you. You’re a big star,” says the reporter.

“They are. And they’re interested in a lot of things — a lot of things that don’t matter. Or shouldn’t.”


This standoffish response from Rihanna is very weird considering just last month she opened up to Jonathan Ross about finding someone just right for her.

“I’m not looking, but single life is so overrated. It sucks… You don’t want to live your life and then meet someone; you want to share your life with someone,” says Rihanna to Jonathan Ross via the Daily Mail. “I’d love to date somebody cool, fun and funny.”

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