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The Ting Tings discuss new album

Oh, shut up and let me go! Ha. The Ting Tings are back with a new album, and it’s not what you’re expecting. They also want you to know that they are not the Devil’s minions, despite some rumours.

The Ting Tings

The band hit it big in 2008 with the release of their first album, We Started Nothing, which brought us hits like “Shut Up and Let Me Go” and “That’s Not My Name.” A British band, The Ting Tings are back with a new album, which they assure us is not a generated pop record and is not a Satanist soundtrack (the band has been previously accused of demonism through the use of one-eyed and triangular imagery). Oh man, no el Diablo? What kind of record is this?

“Having my fringe in my face is my little comfort blanket,” stated lead singer Katie White. “It’s nothing to do with Satan. I saw that people had made that connection with Jay-Z, and when we signed to Roc Nation, they were like, ‘Whaaah! Illuminati!’”

Good to know no exorcism needed there. You can put away that holy water. The Ting Tings released their second album, Sounds from Nowheresville, in February, but the band wants you to know it is not generic — it’s still Art.

“When you’re writing songs, you can’t think about radio,” asserted White. “We had pop hits, but we’re not a manufactured pop machine that churns things out. We’re an art-based indie band that had a couple of songs that crossed over.

“We wanted every song on this album to sound consciously different to the one before it. The second we thought of doing that, we felt creative again. It took that pressure off having to sound like the Ting Tings.”

The new album carries an indie-rock feel with a punk twist, with singles “Hang it Up” and “Silence” already making quite a splash in the music world. If it sounds like your cup of tea, give it a go.

The Ting Tings are performing in Toronto and Montreal this month, before moving on to the U.S.

So there ye have it — artists!

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