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The Passover Song: Inspired by Sandler’s “Hanukkah Song

In honour of Passover, we give you this song, inspired by Adam Sandler’s “Hanukkah Song,” so that no Jewish people feel blue this weekend when everyone else is out hunting for Easter eggs.

Adam Sandler

This weekend, millions upon millions of people will be celebrating Easter with their families, searching for eggs and eating copious amounts of chocolate. But this year, Easter weekend overlaps with another holiday that doesn’t get as much attention: the Jewish holiday of Passover. Passover is to Easter what Hanukkah is to Christmas, sadly trampled by the more widely celebrated commemoration of Jesus’ resurrection and the birth of the Easter Bunny.

To ensure that no Jewish people feel neglected this weekend, we decided to write a song inspired by Adam Sandler‘s famous “Hanukkah Song,” which names Jewish celebrities who might be having Seders of their own. It is to be read to the tune of “The Hanukkah Song.” Enjoy!

The Passover Song


Grab your bub and zaider,
It’s time for a Seder.
Nothing is greater
Than having a Seder.

On Passover we’re not allowed any yeast.
But who needs bread when we get such a fancy feast?

If you’re feeling sad without a visit from the Easter Bunny,
These folks’ll help you find the afikomen and get lots and lots of money:

Larry David nibbles on the matzah,
While Natalie Portman spills her wine — what a klutz-ah!

Look who’s asking you to pass the charoset:
Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Jonah Hill is Jewish; Seth Rogen is too.
Put them together, day dayenu!

You don’t need all that chocolate or a bunny-shaped cake,
‘Cause you can eat your bitter herbs with Eli Roth and Drake (both Jewish)!


So grab your bub and zaider,
It’s time for a Seder.
Don’t invite Darth Vader
To your lovely, lovely Seder.

Rick Santorum: not a Jew.
But McLovin’ and Lisa Kudrow are, and Mila Kunis too.

Fred and Ben Savage really get this Seder goin’.
Who’s that singing the four questions? Sacha Baron Cohen!

Who else is at the Seder? Julianna Margulies is.
And don’t forget the man himself — our good friend, Jesus!

This Seder’s looking like a movie premiere.
Eliyahoo isn’t at the door, but Adam Sandler’s here!


So don’t be such a hater.
It’s time for a Seder.
We won’t serve alligator
At our Passover Seder.

So make sure you tip your waiter
And take the elevator.
If you want to fill your plate-r
At our celebrity Passover Seder!

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