Lindsay Lohan on new role: “I’m gonna put my all into it

Lindsay Lohan is a transformed woman. The young actress has a bright future ahead of her after successfully completing her probabtion, and is getting ready for her new acting role.

lindsay lohan interviewLindsay Lohan is ready to move on.

The Mean Girls actress came out of the LAX courthouse beaming, as she appeared to be extremely pleased with herself after successfully completing her probation requirements. In an exclusive interview with, Lindsay talked about finally being able to move on in her life.

“It’s just like a tremondous weight that has been lifted off my shoulders,” says Lindsay to “I feel really grateful and just happy to move forward.”

Lindsay also told the entertainment website that all her legal woes allowed her to step back and look at her life in full perspective.

“I had worked so hard being something that I wanted to be, which is in this industry, and then I just kind of all let it fall apart,” says Lindsay. “So kinda sitting back and looking at that saying, OK this is not what I signed up for. Like, wake up.”

So with her very sweet victory and a fresh new start on the horizon, what is next on the list for Lindsay?

Well, the 25-year-old admits she is excited to start preparing for her role as the iconic Elizabeth Taylor for the Lifetime biopic Liz and Dick, which will begin filming soon in Toronto. The redheaded beauty says that she can “relate” to the late Hollywood star and says she will do her best in this new role.

“I’m gonna put my all into it. I’m really honored to be playing Elizabeth Taylor, and I really love the script. It’s phenomenal.”

We’re rooting for you, LiLo!

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