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America’s Next Top Model: Versatility or likeability?

Conflicts ignite amongst the girls as they declare their own opinions on who deserves to win the competition. But regardless of all their back and forth, the power lies in the hands of the judges. And when it comes down to it, what do they value more, likeability or versatility?

Tyra Banks posing

Charm’s the winner

For their challenge the girls are told they have to design their own television ads. The commercials are for everyday products with weird attributes such as a remote control that is also a weight and coffee that freshens your breath. The winner is decided by a panel of everyday consumers. Controversy strikes when the models watch the focus group pick apart each of their commercials. The girls feel Kyle was liked purely because of her girl-next-door charm rather than her actual ad and they are anything but quiet about it. Annaliese goes so far as to say Kyle’s so dry she’s like “toast with no butter.” Kyle breaks down at their accusations and declares she wants to go home. After a good amount of sulking and some solid encouragement from Miss J, she decides to stick it out a little longer. Annaliese is declared the winner for her down to earth and relatable selling ability and it seems like the Brits might be getting their groove back.

Risk taking to the top

For the photoshoot the ladies are shot by Nigel as they model exquisite hats on a set of antique cars. Though none of them totally bonk, Nigel educates a few of the girls on professionalism when he feels some of them are wasting time. Though they want to come off as fun and easy going, he stresses the importance of focusing on the importance of the shoot and getting as many good shots as possible. Going into panel, the winner seems up for grabs. Some models are praised for their risk taking while others get gently scolded for playing it safe. Despite Kyle’s constant whines throughout the show that she wants to go home, getting third photo perks her up and she decides to fight on for another week — so the question becomes, can she handle the pressure as the competition wears on? Will her girl-next-door charm carry her into the finals? Regardless of who wants to go home or not, Azmarie’s androgynous look and exquisite poses grant her the top slot again while Candace’s single expression gets her the axe.

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