Celebrity fail! The horror of a star trying too hard

We love celebrities. But sometimes they do things that make us shake our heads in embarrassment. Trying to get us to like them is okay, but when they go too far, it can get pretty uncomfortable.


Hot from the “should have run that by the publicist” file, we have Madonna failing miserably at her attempt to fit in with the younguns. At a recent Florida concert, the Material Girl yelled out the phrase “have you seen Molly?” — which, as all the cool kids know, is code for “have you taken ecstasy?”

Madonna’s latest album is titled MDNA, an obvious reference to MDMA, the ingredient that makes ecstasy the ever-loving illegal drug that it is. Her outburst caused a pretty heated response from Deadmau5, who, with a liberal use of profanity, slammed Madonna via Twitter for what sounded like her blatant endorsement of drug use. Madonna was quick to (weakly) defend herself: She claimed to have been referring to the song “Have You Seen Molly,” written by her friend and collaborater Cedric Gervais, which seemed good enough for Deadmau5.

But it still doesn’t wash that sour taste left in our mouths by the rather embarrassing display of Madonna, despite her protests, almost decidedly trying to make a show of how in the know she is, instead coming across as desperate for our adoration. It’s never a pretty sight when celebrities we otherwise admire and even respect fall flat on their beautiful faces in an attempt to appeal to the crowd. Those faces are your moneymakers, guys; you don’t want to risk the injury. Here are some of our top picks for most uncomfortable celebrity attempts to win our favour and failing in recent memory:


You’d think Madonna would have learned from M.I.A. not to pull uncomfortable and offensive stunts in front large crowds — especially given how unhappy she was with M.I.A. after the incident. We’re referring, of course, to our greeting from M.I.A.’s middle finger during Madonna’s “Give Me All Your Luvin'” at this year’s Super Bowl half-time show. M.I.A. also appeared to include a lovely, if inaudible, “I don’t give a s***” directly to camera. My oh my, what can come of a split second of profanity! What followed was not a cheer of encouragement for M.I.A.’s self-expression and edginess, but a lot of apologizing and anger. Both NBC and the NFL issued apologetic statements, expressing their unhappiness at the offending “spontaneous gesture.” Then NBC and the NFL started dumping the responsibility on each other. Finally M.I.A. made a public apology, chalking up this momentary lapse in judgment to nerves and adrenaline. A strange and offensive reaction to nerves, to say the least. What ever happened to good old-fashioned butterflies?

Robert De Niro

This was a fail of presidential proportions. Robert De Niro was recently given the honour of presenting First Lady Michelle Obama at President Obama‘s reelection campaign. In his speech, De Niro made a remark he surely anticipated would go over just dandily with the crowd, but instead got him in a spot of trouble. In his speech, he named the wives of the Republican presidential candidates and asked, “Now do you really think our country is ready for a white first lady?” Yeesh. Apparently it went over okay in the room, but according to the statements made later, not everyone was amused. Newt Gingrich, whose wife was singled out, criticized De Niro for bringing race into the equation. Obama’s press secretary stated, on behalf of the president, that the comment was inappropriate. De Niro appologized via E! News, claiming he did not intend for his satirical remark to offend anyone. Word to the wise: Get new writers.

Angelina Jolie

It all started out so well. She was announced as the next presenter at the Oscars and strode out looking beautiful. She crossed the stage and took her mark in front of the mic — and then it all fell to pieces. What should have been just your basic stand-there-and-look-pretty-and-don’t-mess-up-the-words turned into the most bizarre pose the world has ever seen. There was Angelina, letting her right leg take centre stage as she bevelled and displayed it in all its glory from beneath her dress’s impossibly high slit. No one remembers what she was saying that night, because we were all transfixed by the awkwardness on our television screens. And then came the aftermath. Angelina’s leg seemed to be a more popular topic than the winners of the evening. Her leg was even given its own Twitter handle. And a term emerged for the kind of pose Angelina birthed: Angelegging. Angelina claims to not pay attention to the frenzy that has been caused as a result of her pose, but what does her leg have to say about it?

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