How celebrities can get arrested and keep their dignity

As George Clooney has recently proven, a celebrity’s arrest isn’t necessarily synonymous with scandal. We’ve got some tips for stars who run into frequent legal trouble — do as Clooney does and get arrested with dignity!

George Clooney

And just like that, George Clooney got cooler. The actor, proud activist and professional dreamboat was arrested recently. No, he wasn’t drunk or destroying public property. He, among many other peaceful protesters (including his dad), were sent to jail after publicly standing against the uncivil acts committed by Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir toward the Sudanese people. The protest took place on the steps of the Sudanese embassy in Washington, D.C.

Generally, when a celebrity gets arrested, it immediately has a negative impact on his or her image; sometimes, it takes years and a team of very talented people, to revamp the fallen star’s reputation. Not Georgie, though. Leave it to him to be one of the only stars whose arrest could directly benefit his cred. We all know George is one to put his money where his mouth is when it comes to standing up for civil rights, but seeing him cuffed and booked in support of a cause proves that this guy is definitely not messing around.

Celebrities who frequently find themselves in trouble with the law might want to take a few notes from George and turn their next arrests into something enormously positive. Here are some pointers:


This is easily the most common reason for a celebrity’s arrest. Stars ranging from bored socialites to established, respected actors can claim their spots on the DUI Wall of Shame. It’s hard to justify getting behind the wheel of a lethal machine while intoxicated, but there are a couple of exceptions that might make a celebrity eligible for Clooney-like status:

  1. If the celebrity is rushing someone to hospital — preferably the Dalai Lama — after having been interrupted during an important toast at a charity gala raising money for African amputee children with Leukemia.
  2. If the celebrity is making a point about the dangers of driving under the influence, while at the same time, putting the area’s police force to the test to see if they’re as on top of things as they should be.

Property damage

No one can blame celebrities for constantly feeling under immense pressure: Their moves and activities are publicized and scrutinized, and their often exceedingly busy schedules are far too demanding. Some celebrities may find it more difficult than other to deal with the side effects of the lifestyle of a star. They end up unleashing a beast of fury upon the closest possible object — sometimes with legal repercussions. Rather than hurling a cellphone through a building window or trashing a hotel room, why not take their anger out on property that houses evil activities? Next time a celebrity feels the urge to go all The Hulk at the risk of getting arrested, we recommend he or she find the nearest inhumane puppy mill or abusive orphanage and just go nuts.

Indecent exposure

No matter how pretty a celebrity might be, there is a time and a place for showing the world what you’ve got under those clothes. No celebrity wants to get caught in a compromising position, pants around the ankles. If the need to let it all hang out in public is just too overwhelming to ignore, they should make it count. One option is taking a cue from the musical Hair and, in nothing but their birthday suits, participate in a protest in support of peace, not war. Fingers crossed Clooney makes an appearance here, too.

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