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America’s Next Top Model: Makeover time!

In every season of America’s Next Top Model, the makeover episode is guaranteed to be filled with drama and tears. Cycle 18 proves to be no different as the girls are changed in even more fashion-forward ways than ever before.

Tyra Banks posing


The episode begins with an anouncement that Tyra Banks‘ email has been “hacked” and the list of upcoming haircuts is out. The only catch is, none of the girls know who is getting what. And phrases like “one side shaved” and “magenta pink” are a little nerve wracking when left to the imagination.


In typical makeover fashion, some of the girls embrace crazy changes, while others have total meltdowns. There are red and blue extensions, a cotton candy coloured bob and even the inititals “ANTM” shaved into the back of one of the girl’s heads. They take the extreme changes in stride and are excited for the edge it will give them. But on the other side of the spectrum, Eboni is reduced to tears from a curling iron burn, while Louise expresses the fact she is less than pleased at having her hair bobbed and darkened. If Top Model history is any indication, the judges do not like the girl who puts up a fuss — could this spell the beginning of the end for the plus-size model from the U.K.?


In a surprise challenge, the two teams are pitted against each other in an eating competition where they have to eat foods from the other country. The Americans win the battle after Seymone eats an inhuman amount of haggus. But their challenge win ends up being a win for the Brits when Seymone and Candace break into a haggus related fight for no apparent reason. The Americans might be winning the competition at this point challenge-wise, but they certainly aren’t winning in terms of team spirit.

Photoshoot with Kris Jenner

For the shoot, Kris Jenner arrives and announces that they will be posing as toddlers with her and her daughters, Kendall and Kylie. The models quickly recover from being star-struck and get started posing in pairs with the famous family.


In panel, most of the girls get slammed for being either too model-like or two sexy. The tables turn this week and leave all American girls in the final three. Ultimately, the only ever Native American contestant, Mariah, is sent home for not having enough “pop.”

So, with the playing field evened out, the odds are 50/50 as to whether it’ll be an American or a Brit that takes the final title!

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