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Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz split

It’s sad, but true: Eva Longoria and singer boyfriend Eduardo Cruz have split after one year of dating.

Eva Longoria

Oh, man… it’s time to strum that guitar, smooth them eyebrows and gallop away into the sunset, Eduarrrrrdo.

Indeed, the year-long romance between Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz is over. According to Us Weekly, the couple split a few days ago.

“It was a mutual decision,” a source told Us. “They are staying friends.”

“Staying friends” seems like a very standard line, no? How fun would it be if for once someone said, “They have no plans to stay friends. As we speak, they are torching each other’s personal belongings while shrieking all sorts of profanities.” It’s cruel, but hey, it’s a lot closer to reality… but we digress.

The couple met at a party through Eduardo’s sister, Penelope Cruz, and went public with their romance last February. At the time, Longoria was finalizing her divorce with Tony Parker, so her new beau was a welcome distraction.

Where to now? Well, Cruz plans to return home to Madrid, while Longoria is keeping herself busy with the final filming of Desperate Housewives.

As they say, ’tis better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all. So, cheer up, Buttercup! Such hottie-totties will not stay single for long.

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