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Hulk Hogan has a sex tape

Ay, hold on to your belts and buckles, people! Hulk Hogan apparently participated, unknowingly, in a sex tape with a mystery woman. And now, that tape is looking for a buyer…

Hulk Hogan

Now, here’s news you’ll want to forget… according to reports, Hulk Hogan unintentionally — if such a word can be applied to this situation — starred in a secretly filmed sex tape… dun, dun, duuuuuh!

(At this point, the reader is encouraged to utilize a vomit bag or amend his/her memory.)

Yes, the ex-wrestler hired an attorney to save the world from what is — no doubt — a naughty video possessing disastrously devastating qualities which may render the viewer blind, or worse…

Now, the interesting part: Who filmed the video? TMZ claims that the woman in the video is neither his ex-wife Linda Bollea nor his current wife, Jennifer McDaniel. Le gasp, a twist!

Steve Hirsch, the CEO of Vivid Entertainment, was approached about buying the video, but no word yet on whether he is interested in doing so. But Hogan’s attorney, David Houston, hopes that the ex-wrestler’s jump to action will scare the seller back into the dark abyss whence he/she came, stating, “If someone chooses to go through with it, it will be at their own peril.”

At least we know some specific people who are not interested in watching Hogan’s film: When Alec Baldwin was asked whether or not he is planning to take a peep at the sex-tape, he tweeted, “That’s it. Right there. I’m gonna kill myself. #GoodLord.”

We couldn’t agree more. Some things should remain a mystery… and this is definitely one of them. Godspeed, everyone!

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