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Pippa Middleton completes 56-mile marathon for charity!

While some of us are still devising those pesky swimsuit-season workouts, others are breezing through the Swedish mountains while helping charities. Pippa Middleton took part in a famous Swedish cross-country ski marathon for a charitable organization. How’d our girl do?

Pippa Middleton

Nothing like a good race to get the philanthropic juices flowing. Case in point: Pippa Middleton participated in the Vasaloppet cross-country ski marathon this Sunday, all for the sake of charity… Oh, my.

For those of us in the dark, here’s a quick history lesson: Vasaloppet is one of the oldest and longest cross-country ski races; it sends participants galloping across the Swedish mountains and takes place on the first Sunday of March.

Ms. Middleton teamed up with her brother James, and took part in the 56-mile marathon to benefit Magic Breakfast, a charity that provides healthy breakfasts to primary-school children in need throughout the U.K. So far, the sporty Middleton duo raised £4,300 in pledges towards the completion of the race.

So, how did they do? Well, consider that more than 15,800 individuals participated; Pippa was the 412th woman to cross the finish line and her time was 7:13:36, while her brother finished at 06:47:27. Which ain’t bad — some of us can hardly manage two flights of stairs in that bracket of time.

To conclude, participation in marathons for charity is the new black. Extra points are given if the celebrity in question does not suck at it. Bravo, Middletons, we are — as one would say — royally impressed.

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