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5 Must-see Canadian TV shows

Canadian television shows may not get the same publicity as those made in the U.S., but they certainly have just as much to offer. Support our country’s hard work and be unbelievably entertained with these great Canadian-made productions.

Erin Karpluk of Being Erica

Being Erica

The show follows Erica, played by Erin Karpluk, on her journey through therapy. But this isn’t your average show on psychology and healing. Rather than sitting on a divan and pouring her heart out, she meets a time travelling therapist called Dr. Tom, who takes her back to her biggest regrets so she can see what would have happened if she had done something differently. The characters are unbelievably lovable and the problems they face are deeply relatable. There’s nothing else quite like it on television today.

Rookie Blue

If you love the witty banter and unpredictable challenges in Grey’s Anatomy, then you will love Rookie Blue. It’s essentially Grey’s Anatomy with cops. It follows a group of rookies who have just completed training and started work with the Toronto police force. The show is filled with wit, romance, suspense and drama, so there’s a little something for everyone.


Flashpoint is all the proof you need that top-quality crime dramas don’t have to be produced in the U.S. It follows the personal and professional lives of an elite tactical team as they deal with the city’s toughest and most high-risk cases. And, unlike many crime dramas where good and evil seem cut and dried, Flashpoint actually shows the criminals as real people and dives into the psychology involved in the unfortunate events. The members of the team are faced with moral dilemmas and are genuinely affected by the situations they encounter. This Canadian-made drama will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Republic of Doyle

It’s rare and exciting to see a Canadian show that is completely produced on the east coast. Republic of Doyle follows a father-son detective team as they solve crimes in St. John’s, Newfoundland. The mysteries are suspenseful, the characters unbelievably witty and the scenery completely picturesque. It’s full of dry humour and captivating relationships that will keep you laughing and engaged all the way through.

Dragons’ Den

If you’re a reality TV lover looking for a more stimulating option, Dragons’ Den is the answer. It’s probably the most intelligent reality show out there, and it just so happens it’s Canadian! Five of Canada’s top businessmen and -women, dubbed “the dragons,” listen to the pitches of up-and-coming entrepreneurs and decide whether or not to invest their own money in these new companies. The intermingling of delusional business owners and incredible inventions means you are entertained but gaining knowledge at the same time. Within an hour you’ll learn more about start-up companies and marketing strategies than you ever thought possible!

Photo courtesy of Christopher Mason / WENN

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