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Sophia Bush: Gay rights are “absolutely a civil rights issue”

It started out as a commentary on a statement George Clooney made, but Sophia Bush is a woman of opinion and she is not afraid of being heard.

Sophia Bush

Just when you begin to wonder whether intelligence is a myth or not, Sophia Bush waltzes in and dazzles you with her grey matter.

Recently, the actress shone brighter than a fluorescent light bulb when asked to reflect on a statement made by George Clooney at the Golden Globes, stating that gay rights are the “last leg of the Civil Rights movement.” Sophia, what say you?

“Absolutely, I agree with that. 100 per cent,” the actress stated.

“When we’re talking about the ’60s, when my best friend couldn’t drink out of the same water fountain as I can because his skin is a different colour than me… Now, you’re talking about a different best friend of mine who can’t get married even though I could get married seven times in my life and he can’t do that because he is a different sexual orientation than me?! That’s absolutely a civil rights issue.”

Preach it, girl! Obviously, she didn’t stop there. You’re about to get an earful; tell us more, dear.

“In a world that’s filled with famine and rape and murder, we’re going focus on a problem, so people want to say, with two people loving one another, with two people wanting to potentially adopt children who are otherwise homeless, really?!”

Oh yeah, you just got served. This woman is the four-wheeler of gay rights activism and we like it. It’s pleasant to see a woman make informed comments on a hot issue without being emotionally driven or inconsistent.

It’s a step in the right direction, for sure. Fire off those opinions, and Godspeed!

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