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Demi’s downfall reminiscent of starlets half her age

All Demi wanted was to be younger. And she finally managed to do it — Hollywood style. Demi has checked into rehab after staying a while in the hospital following a drug-induced seizure. She will be staying at the very expensive, celebrity-frequented Cirque Lodge in Utah, where she will work to recover from drug addiction and an eating disorder.

Demi Moore

Hospitalization for “exhaustion.” Partying hard and long on a regular basis. Growing dangerously thin. This sounds more like the track record of a young starlet unable to handle the new pressures of fame. Demi Moore has been in the public eye for a very long time. At 49, shouldn’t she be past this kind of behaviour?

In theory, yes. But when we consider that Demi had a kind of celebrity rebirth over the last few years, sparked by her relationship and marriage to the younger Ashton Kutcher, it does make a bit more sense. Demi was, in a way, living the life of a hot young star. She emerged during this time as what appeared to be a brand new woman: She looked better than she ever had, her career was gaining momentum and she was overall a happy lady.

And then everything began falling apart. Ashton was reported to have cheated on Demi with a younger woman, apparently sending her into a tailspin of Red Bull and whippets and rapid weight loss. There were embarrassing rumours of her hitting on Zac Efron. And in one final crash-and-burn moment, she was rushed to hospital after a frightening reaction to too much substance abuse.

Demi Moore is proof that, in Hollywood, you sometimes can’t have your (low carb/sugar free) cake and eat it, too. Sure, she may have been the envy of many in her cohort, given all the attention she received for being such a fox and nabbing a puppy like Ashton Kutcher, but it was ultimately at the expense of her image and, more importantly, her well-being. There is something to be said about aging gracefully. Look at Helen Mirren! Any man, young or old, in Hollywood would give their left arm to spend even five minutes with her.

So yes, Demi indeed accomplished pulling off the Young Hollywood thing. But maybe that’s not really something to be proud of.

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