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Demi Lovato’s sexy shoot

She’s definitely not the girl from Sonny with a Chance anymore. Demi is stepping away from her girlish image with a new photo shoot.

Demi LovatoDemi Lovato is dropping jaws with her recent super-provocative photo shoot with Tyler Shields.

The actress-singer employed an old, well-tested method of shedding the Disney skin — a sexy photo shoot.

Yup, nothing repels parents of tweens better than nakedness.

Reportedly, Shields was borderline harassed by “Lovatics” requesting him to do a shoot with the singer.

“A bunch of people were tweeting her for me to shoot her, and a bunch of people were Twittering and e-mailing me asking me to shoot her, and we ended up tweeting each other. We met that way, we set it up and boom: she came over and it’s time to shoot,” Shields told E! News.

The shoot included several photos of Lovato getting all bedroom-eyed with a lollipop, because everyone knows lollipops and other confectionary goods are sexy.

“No one has seen her doing anything remotely sexy. But she’s a grown woman now, and she wants to be sexy and feel sexy, and she wants to have these pictures forever. Little kids eat lollipops. She’s not a kid anymore, but people view her that way. It’s like, ‘So if you’re going to view me as a kid, then here ya go,'” Shields explains.

Who’s to argue with that kind of logic?

It’s true that Lovato is all grown up. She’s not a Disney poster-girl anymore and she does not have to keep up a squeaky clean image. And this is her visual statement to the world, if you will.

But here’s the problem: rebelling against the people who — figuratively-speaking — built you is a bit too similar to rebelling against your parents. All of a sudden Lovato doesn’t seem so grown-up.

If you’re an adult, then you are an adult; if you’re sexy, then you’re sexy. If you have to fly a banner for either, then maybe you’re insecure.…

Photo courtesy of: Ivan Nikolov/WENN.COM

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