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David Beckham cast in bronze?

What is the meaning of life? A question baffling philosophers for millenniums, a question that has no right answer but many possibilities. Well, we think this is one of those possibilities.

David Beckham

Ladies, all those evenings wasted away on oogling and perusing through the photo galleries, the years dedicated to memorising every piece of trivia tossed your way, have all been leading up to this moment…

A moment, when an enlightened artist blesses the world with a glorious bronze embodiment of David Beckham!

That’s right.

A bronze statue of the soccer star was unveiled at an H&M in Regent Street in London, as part of Beckham’s launch for his clothing line.

The real David Beckham was present for the grand premiere to take photos with the fans, but alas, all his clothes remained on his body.

What marvelous news this is, indeed. This can be claimed as a high tribute to the legendary Michelangelo and his statue of David. Although that statue is not bronze, so not quite as impressive…

Nonetheless, ladies, if you ever dreamt of seeing London, this is your golden opportunity, and don’t forget the statue is wickedly placed in an H&M to boot.

With this kind of magnificent marketing, that particular H&M is bound to become the Justin Bieber of the Swedish retail chain.

A sacred place where the young and the old travel to scream their little hearts out while posing in front of an inanimate object pretending to be the love of their life.

Oh, David. You wooer, you.

Photo courtesy of: WENN.COM

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