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Michelle Williams is taking a break from acting

Michelle Williams has decided to take some time off to focus on her personal life, mainly on doing regular mommy-stuff with her daughter.

Michelle Williams

Let’s all unanimously take a deep lung-full of normality with Michelle Williams.

The low-key actress has decided to opt for sanity and take a break from the Hollywood spotlight to raise her 6 year-old daughter — Matilda.

The 31-year-old mom reminded us where her priorities lie in her Golden Globes acceptance speech:

“I consider myself a mother first and an actress second, and so the person I most want to thank is my daughter, my little girl, whose bravery and exuberance is the example that I take with me in my work and in my life.”

Although Williams receives constant praise for her work in films such as Brokeback Mountain, Blue Valentine and most recently, My Week with Marilyn, the actress has commendably decided to, “go back to being a mom for a while.”

“Everything I do is to make Matilda’s world as happy and secure as possible,” Williams told OK! Magazine, “I hope one day she will see my movies and be proud of me.”

Williams lovingly slaps us, the general public, with a fresh new outlook on celebrity psyche. Not all of them have sex-tapes, or DUIs, or bizarre conspiracy theories, or humongous egos that cannot fit into any frames of mind.

Believe it or not, some of them are just regular folks who mow their front lawns, can never take decent family photos, burn their turkeys on Thanksgiving, forget to buy milk and eggs on a regular basis, and actually put their families before their careers.

Wow, those people are boring.

Give me a scandal, now!

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