John Travolta’s Mercedes found in pieces

Bye-bye, birdy! John Travolta’s stolen car was finally found — but it was tragically chopped to pieces.

John Travolta

Sadly, John Travolta‘s classic Mercedes-Benz met a gruesome fate, authorities report.

The car was stolen in September, when the actor parked it for about 10 minutes in a residential neighbourhood of Santa Monica.

After a break in the case, the illusive car thieves have finally been caught and Travolta’s Mercedes recovered…

Well, partially.

“They chopped up the car,” Los Angeles police Det. George Molina said, “We have interior and some exterior body parts.”

Molina said that the thieves specialized in stealing classic cars, chopping them up and selling their most profitable parts on the market.

The news, albeit disturbing to everyone’s car preservation instincts, shouldn’t come as a surprise. With the eye of the media constantly fixed on celebrities and their wealth, it wouldn’t be hard to find out who drives which rare car and where they park it.

With proper research you’d find out that Ashton Kutcher owns a Ferrari, as does Kim Kardashian, and Nicolas Cage owns a Rolls-Royce. Then, all you’d need is their favourite coffee shops, a thick, lustrous moustache, a trench coat and a newspaper with peepholes for observation.

So, which one of the celebs has that rare, vintage edition four-wheel drive of privacy?

Photo courtesy of: Patrick Hoffmann/

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