Sean Penn saves bartender from drunken client

Sean Penn: rescue squad! He’s turning his humanitarian eye to a bartender in need, who was being pestered by a fellow bar attendee.

Sean PennSean Penn was having a pleasant time at the Zinc Lounge in the Shade hotel in Manhattan Beach, California.

He was peacefully enjoying a drink with a lady companion when suddenly, things went a little awry.

A fellow bar patron apparently hit the sauce a bit too hard and became a little rowdy.

“This guy was drunk and yelling at the bartender,” an eyewitness told E! News. “He wasn’t making much sense, but he was loud and just kept screaming.”

That was Penn’s cue to intervene. He approached the bar and asked if everything was all right. According to the source, the inebriated culprit was “a smart aleck and said to Sean, ‘Stay out of it, Sparky!'”

Remaining polite and civil, Penn simply smiled and returned to his table.

But the message must have registered; the drunken gentleman stopped his shouting and quit the bar.

So to reiterate: Sean Penn saved the day!

Photo courtesy of: WENN.COM

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