Totally Amp’d, first-ever app TV show

A Canadian media company has found a way to incorporate TV shows into the app world, launching a new series targeting the digital generation.

Ashley Leggat

Have you ever considered a future where television sets are obsolete and media content is built into your app store for download?

Well, the future is actually closer than you think.

The idea of watching media content on a portable device is not new, but Toronto-based company Shaftesbury Films and its digital media division, Smokebomb Entertainment, have been working hard for the past 18 months to revolutionize the way you view your TV content.

On Jan. 26, the company is launching Totally Amp’d, an original, completely app-based video series designed specifically for underserved, tech-savvy tweens.

Taking some inspiration from Glee, the series Totally Amp’d boasts the familiar Canadian faces of Ashley Leggat (Life with Derek, photo on right) and Cristine Prosperi (Degrassi: The Next Generation), who already have an avid tween following.

The show features 10 six- to nine-minute episodes or “appisodes,” available in the Apple app store, and tells the story of five talented teens who come together in hopes of becoming the next big pop group.

The series targets viewers 8 to 14, features an all-original soundtrack and interactive content allowing users to create custom album covers and upload their own vocals to song tracks, completely immersing them in the show’s action.

The show is already garnering some serious buzz as industry developers are looking for ways to create a hybrid model for TV content intertwined with the wildfire popularity of the app world.

Totally Amp’d is the first out of the gate, but where we see this going is also really exciting,” says Daniel Dales, CEO and executive producer of Smokebomb.

Because of the novelty of this approach there are risks and challenges that come with it.

Björk‘s most recent record, Biophilia, attempted to incorporate interactive media with music by offering apps for each song, allowing the listener to play games or create visuals while listening to the album. While it received great reviews from critics, it didn’t click with the consumer.

But the world always needs its pioneers. An app-based show for finicky tweens: a fun way to fuel their creativity or a step too far in the wrong direction?

Photo courtesy of: Judy Eddy / WENN

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