Tracy Morgan collapses at Sundance

Comedian Tracy Morgan was hospitalized Sunday night after falling unconscious at the Sundance Film Festival.

Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan was rushed to hospital last night after collapsing at the Creative Coalition Spotlight Awards in Park City, Utah, where he was accepting an award.

The 30 Rock star seemed disoriented and intoxicated during his speech, and upon being escorted out of the building, passed out and was taken by an ambulance to the local hospital for treatment.

Park City Medical Center spokesperson said no drugs or alcohol were found in Morgan’s system.

Morgan is known to be a recovering alcoholic who has been arrested twice for driving under the influence, in 2005 and 2006.

The actor’s rep stated that the comedian collapsed from a combination of exhaustion and altitude sickness, adding, “Any reports of Tracy consuming alcohol are 100 percent false.”

Morgan tweeted Monday, “Superman ran into a little kryptonite. The high altitude in Utah shook up this kid from Brooklyn,” adding, “Thank U 2 the hospital staff. Back at work 2morrow shooting 30 Rock.”

The actor is said to be recovering at the Park City Medical Center.

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