Giuliana offers a helping hand

The E! News host is opening up her arms and her heart to offer injured model and fashion blogger Lauren Scruggs support during her difficult time.

Giuliana Rancic SupportGiuliana Rancic knows how important it is to have support during a tough period, so she’s reaching out.

The bubbly television personality is using her personal experience to encourage and support fashion blogger and model Lauren Scruggs.

“I saw that picture of her [stepping out for the first time], and it just inspired me,” said the television personality to her home station, E! News via E! Online.

“I remember kind of feeling sorry for her at a time when I was feeling sorry for myself…then as I’ve been getting stronger every day and feeling better about my situation, it puts me in a different space.”

The fashion model was tragically injured late last year after walking into a spinning airplane propeller. Lauren, who lost her left eye and left hand in the accident, has progressed in her rehabilitation and is already walking and talking without help.

Giuliana also told Lauren through Twitter that she hopes to meet her one day in person and that the experience “will add meaning to her life.”

The Giuliana and Bill reality star overcame her own battle after she went through a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery for breast cancer last December. With support from the entire Hollywood community, family friends and her husband, Bill, she stayed positive throughout the successful procedure. What a trouper.

Lauren is currently still recovering at a rehabilitation centre in Dallas.

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