Genie awards hope to bring more attention to Canadian films

A drama about love, a play-inspired film about seduction and a look into four photographers’ journey are just some of the films nominated for the 32nd Genies Award Show.

Genies nominations Jean MarcCafé de flore, a film about matters of the heart, has triumphed with the most Genie nominations.

The drama, set in present-day Montréal, is in the running for Canada’s film awards with 13 nominations, including Best Picture and Lead Actress, for French actress Vanessa Paradis’ performance. The Academy also gave a nod to Quebec director Jean-Marc Vallée, nominated for Best Director.

Following Café de flore‘s lead was David Cronenberg’s play-inspired film, A Dangerous Method, which gained 11 nominations.

The thirty-second Genie Awards show (sometimes referred to as the “Canadian Oscars”) is said to have spruced up its image in hopes of getting Canadians more interested in their own country’s films.

As revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the new president of the awards, Helga Stephenson, is hoping that cutting entry fees for low-budget short films and not making commericial theatrical release a requirement will mean more Canadian films will take advantage of Genie attention.

“The real key is to have a very good show that they (talent) want to be on, and an event they want come to,” said Helga Stephenson in the interview.

Other notable nods include Rachel Weisz for Lead Actress in The Whistleblower, Viggo Mortensen for Supporting Actor in A Dangerous Method and Steven Silver for The Bang Bang Club, which received an Adapted Screenplay nomination.

The Genie Awards airs on March 8.

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