Bomb Girls mini-series adds spark

A dramatic inside look at love, freedom and independence during the Second World War, all through the eyes of ‘Bomb Girls.’

These girls are no duds.Meg Tilly

And they have 1.4 million viewers to back them up.

The new drama Bomb Girls premiered last Wednesday and has shown audiences that girls with bombs can attract an audience. The first episode of the show won both its timeslot and the 18 – 49-year-old demographic.

Set in Toronto during the Second World War, the show follows five women who work in a Canadian munitions factory. They experience love and hardships of war, all while gaining independence as women.

The cast of the show includes a few Canadian actors and actresses including Oscar-nominated and Golden Globe Award winner, Meg Tilly, who plays Lorna Corbett, the shift matron in charge of all the other women.

“As a mother myself, this character was very compelling to me,” says Tilly in an interview with the Huffington Post Canada. Tilly says her character is seen as the one keeping the girls in line, but in fact it is the opposite.

“She shows this strong woman to people, but underneath, she’s complex.”

Tilly’s character is one example of how the show bluntly, yet stylishly address gender roles for women and promotes a sense of girl power.

Adrienne Mitchell, one of the show’s creators, told the National Post that the role women had in bomb factories during the war has never really been explored in Canadian history.

The six-part miniseries airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on Global Television.

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