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Can you save the world in Resistance 3?

What remains of the human race in Resistance 3 must band together if they are going to have any chance of surviving what is set to be some of the the most dreary and intense days since the initial invasion. The alien race holds the power in Resistance 3; it’s up to you to take it back.

released September 6th 2011

Resistance 3 takes place August 1957, four years after the heart wrenching conclusion of Resistance 2, in which we are left with resistance leader Nathan Hale lying dead at the hands of the invading alien race (Chimeran). Joseph Capelli has been held responsible for Hales death and is dishonourably discharged from the United States army. With the Chimera all but occupying the entire planet, Capelli feels helpless and is forced in to hiding underground with his wife and young son just for survival.

Resistance 3

In a world that is falling apart

The weight of such grim days coupled with the climate of the planet continuing to collapse all around them. Capelli is forced to make a decision, live out his final days in hiding watching his family die along with the planet, or take action on a plan devised by scientist Dr. Fyodor Malikov. A well thought out plan to deliver a devastating blow against the occupying alien race in New York City. In order to save his family and ultimately the human race, Capelli must leave his family behind in Haven, Oklahoma in order to embark on this seemingly impossible mission across the country.

you are the worlds last hope

You will act as mankind’s last hope, Joseph Capelli, making your way to New York City alongside Dr. Malikov. Resistance 3 returns with an arsenal of the classic weapons made popular in the previous chapters, like the Auger, Bull’s-eye, Marksman and Rossmore. The game also includes a new weapon upgrade system to increase the power of each gun. You can go it alone as a single player, or take advantage of the online and local/split screen co-op game play, allowing you to team up with a friend.

Sony Exclusive

This first person shooter developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment exclusively for the Sony Playstation 3, has a lot of hype behind it, and we can’t wait to put it to the test. In case the storyline isn’t enough to get you excited, as an added bonus, this game is Sony Playstation Move compatible. You will be able to use the Sony Sharp Shooter Gun Attachment as well.

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