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Fun facts about Paris – Hilton, that is!

You may think you know everything there is to know about celebrity Paris Hilton thanks to the constant news regarding Paris Hilton’s life and the autobiography Paris Hilton penned herself. We found out some facts about Paris Hilton that you probably do not know. For example, did you know that Paris Hilton is a bona fide hero?


Everybody wants to know what’s going on in the lives of America’s celebs. Paris Hilton fun factsHere are some “fun facts” that I bet you didn’t know!

  1. Paris has admitted to Vanity Fair that even when there are no photographers around she often hears the click of cameras! (I think I probably would too — can you imagine how many pictures are taken of Paris Hilton EVERY day??)
  2. Paris told our very own National Post that she would spend her last $5 on a McDonald’s Happy Meal. (Obviously she doesn’t have a very big appetite)
  3. Apparently Paris resembles Mother Teresa and was placed on a “short list” to play the Nobel Peace Prize winner in a biopic of her life. The film was directed by T. Rajeevnath in 2006. Paris did not get the part.
  4. In her autobiography, Paris included a quote that wannabe heiresses should “eat sushi because the coolest and best people eat sushi”. (I eat sushi — I can feel my social standing increasing by the minute!!!)
  5. Back in 2007 Paris Hilton was called a hero after rescuing a little person injured as part of an Oompa Loompa act in Miami. An unruly crowd accidentally shoved Robin Sherwood into a metal stage support that badly injured his leg. Apparently Paris screamed for help and held Sherwood’s hand until he had been taken away in an ambulance.


Although Paris has lived a relatively short life, she has already written an autobiography (2004), entitled Confessions of an Heiress wherein she tells of the “trials and tribulations” of being …well, an heiress. At the time it was released she was only 23. Now, I put “trials” in quotes not to demean Paris’ life but maybe because I don’t completely understand her perspective; and maybe at that age Paris doesn’t completely understand it either. Although she lives a life of parties and photo ops, is she taking herself and potentially her life too seriously? I mean, she was only 23! I thought that most people wrote these types of books after they had lived many years; maybe when they were 60 or 70, when people would listen to their wisdom for making life choices and could learn from their mistakes. A time when we can look back at our own lives and find the humor in our mistakes. At 23 can one even recognize those mistakes? Maybe.

Paris Hilton Confession of an Heiress book


And if Paris’ life isn’t indulgent enough, she has 17 pets (at last count), some of which she houses in a tiny replica of her own home! Nothing but the best for Hilton’s pooches. Check out the photo! That is one sweet life for those pups! But I wonder where the miniature pig and pony sleep…are they kept in the house as well or have their own?

Paris Hilton is in the news every day – on any website you look at. It doesn’t matter what the topic, you see “Paris Hilton” printed somewhere (whether she is funding it, crashing it, hosting it or dating him). This is one woman that is NOT going away any time soon!

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