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Ever wonder it would be like in The Playboy Club?

Eddie Cibrian is back in The Playboy Club where it’s not just about drinking, drugs and girls in skimpy outfits!

The Playboy Club

Debuts:  Monday, September 19 @ 10 pm on NBC

Eddie Cibrian in The Playboy Club

I’ve read a couple comparisons between “The Playboy Club” and a program called “Mad Men”, which I have never heard of. It’s getting bad reviews. Some American networks are refusing to air it because of it’s anticipated to be risque and controversial portrayal of women being objectified by men while wearing almost nothing.

Whatever your stand on that “moral” front, you can’t argue the fact that…well, it happened. Such a place existed, and at this place, women from all walks of life (yes, they were considered beautiful women) worked at The Playboy Club… putting themselves through school, buying real estate, raising children and being devoted to their families.

At a time when everyone in the North America was struggling to make ends meet, these very fortunate women found a way to succeed. You may say they were exploited (granted the boss did “roll in the dough”) but I say these women took advantage of opportunities given to them! That is what a smart, strong woman does. Kudos to those women. And kudos to everyone involved in taking a risk and producing this show. It may not last long on-air but it will have people talking.

I’m off my soap-box now.

I didn’t know, so I’m not sure if you did – The Playboy Club and Playboy Magazine are actually separate entities. Regardless, the series The Playboy Club follows its characters through the trials and tribulations of life in the 1960s. With Eddie Cibrian (Nick Dalton) as one of the leading characters I’m going to be all over this series! Maybe some of you remember Nick from his “Young and the Restless” day as Matt Clarke? I honestly hope this series lives up to all the negative press it has gotten – that’s what has gotten me interested in it!!!

What are your thoughts about the Playboy Club?

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