The Protector characters are keeping the streets and their homes safe!

It’s a balancing act but these “protectors” can do it. Between family drama, work and a social life; it’s a challenge but these detectives are up for it!

The Protector

Airs:  Tuesday, September 13 @ 9 pm ET, CTV Two

LAPD Homicide Detective Gloria Sheppard (Ally Walker) is teamed up with Detective Michelle Dulcett (Tisha Campbell Martin) in this new drama series. One woman is a single mom of two (Ally) and the other is just enjoying the single life (Michelle). It’s all about balancing work and life for these two detectives; which is working until the return of Ally’s mother, Beverly (Patty Duke) in episode 7.

On top of the new strain of having Mom around, Ally starts to figure out that something else is going on. When Beverly is diagnosed with bi-polar disorder the pieces start coming together. It is not clear whether or not Patty’s character will be a permanent fixture on this season of The Protector but I really hope that she is. I think that the cop show has been done. Two female detectives has been done. Professional women balancing work and life …has been done to death. But something that rarely gets noticed in a television series is mental illness in one of the main characters; not just one of the perps being chased. This could put a much more personal and real spin on it and I think that if viewers make it to episode 7, they’ll be in until the end. I would like to see how this part of the storyline goes.

But don’t worry, this series isn’t all drama! There are plenty of laughs as well. How could there not be with an actress like Tisha Campbell Martin as one of the leads?

Tune in Tuesdays to watch!

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