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Ringer – Sarah Michelle Gellar is back!

When your sister’s life isn’t what you expected it to be, how do you walk away when you took it from her?

Starting:  Tuesday, September 13 – The CW @ 9 pm ET, Friday, September 16 – Global @ 10 pm ET

Ooohh I want to see this one! It’s about time Sarah Michelle Gellar (Bridget Cafferty/Siobhan Marx)  is back on the television, and she is back with a bang. Ringer w/ Sarah Michelle Gellar

Bridget (Gellar) is starting to get her life back on track after only 6 months sober, when she becomes the only witness to a professional hit. Without telling anyone she takes off to New York where she reunites with her estranged sister (Siobhan). Her twin. Siobhan has it all – money, a happy family, and is well taken care of; or so Bridget thinks. As the sisters seem to be getting their relationship back on track Siobhan disappears over the side of a boat – leaving Bridget to pick up where sis left off.

But the life she thought her sister had never existed. Bridget takes on Siobhan’s identity and as a result her troubled life. Shocking secrets about her sister and her life are revealed and Bridget realized that she really isn’t any safer in this fairy tale life! And Bridget learns all this in the first episode…what’s going to be left for the rest of the season??

Although the preview for the season opener looks great – I’m reading a lot of negative opinions about this one. Regardless, I’m watching so I can make up my own mind.

More to come after I see the first couple episodes. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer…

photo credit: CW

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