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Camelot – It’s Over Before it Even Starts

It’s a new twist on an old favourite! Camelot will bring viewers a much more “mature” view of Merlin and King Arthur and his Knights. The clash of metal and ten episodes await…


Premiers – Tuesday, September 13, 9 pm ET – CBC

Well, I’ve got to tell you that I’m really disappointed to find out that this new series is doomed even before it gets started in Canada! How can it be? Camelot originally aired on the US cableCamelot station Starz this past April and after receiving low ratings, it was pulled. So… we must enjoy the 10 episodes while we have them.

With Joseph Fiennes as Merlin, I think we may see a new, darker twist on the character. No beard and pointy hat here – we may be in for a more cunning, dare we say evil, Merlin. And I for one, can not wait! Merlin has a plan up his sleeve – to bring Arthur (Jamie Campbell Bower) into power after the death of his father King Uther. Merlin has much adversity to overcome in his plight and, well…I won’t give away the ending.

Although just a couple years ago many of us enjoyed the series “Merlin”, and may actually compare it to Camelot, I’m sure that you will find this to have much more… mature content. From the script to costumes, it’s darker, more violent and much more sexy. But it’s not over the top. Put yourself in the time, where leaders actually fought in wars, where sex was power (that’s in the past, right?) and where a boy becomes a king overnight. Imagine going from a simple boy, living a simple and happy life to a position of power. A position where people respect and fear you simply because you are king. Welcome to Camelot!

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