Susan Lucci tells ABC’s Brian Frons where he can stick it

Canadian’s love soap operas as much as anyone and were equally as crushed as American’s when it was announced that both All My Children and One Life To Live were being cancelled. After filming wrapped for All My Children, fan favorite Susan Lucci finally spoke out!

Susan Lucci tells off Brian Frons

A lot of negativity has been placed on Brian Frons, the executive at ABC that made the decision to cancel All My Children and One Life To Live and replace them with “less expensive” cooking and talk shows. Several actors have commented, but until taping commenced at the end of August, original All My Children cast member Susan Lucci had kept quiet.

Finally she spoke and fan cheered. Susan Lucci lays the blame of All My Children’s demise solely on the Daytime President’s shoulders, saying he made some “very bad decisions” including hiring a terrible writer in 2008 that pulled the show down, and by ignoring the pleas to help by creator Agnes Nixon. Susan points out that, “An iconic show was losing out to greed.”

In her last dig at Brian Frons she claims he is made up of a “fatal combination of ignorance and arrogance.” Ouch! Susan Lucci, in her own eloquent way, simply stated what millions of fans have been thinking and feeling since the shows cancellation in April.

Fans of the show are now sadly waiting for the the finale date of September 23, when All My Children will go off the air, at least temporarily. The great news is that an internet television company, Prospect Park, has bought the rights to All My Children and One Life To Live, and will be bringing them back in the new year. They are even searching for a cable station to join forces with them in order to let fans watch their favorite stories on television again.

How do you feel about All My Children and One Life To Lives cancellations?

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