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Hal’s Kitchen: What’s Burning?

It is no mystery why Toronto’s Mysteriously Yours…Mystery Dinner Theatre is a success. Since 1987, and over 45 original mysteries to their credit, producers Lili and Brian Caws have served up great whodunits on their menu. And speaking of food…Hal’s Kitchen: [What’s Burning?] is the featured mystery currently on tap.

Ha'l Kitchen: Murder Mystery

Murder mystery fun!

The mystery unfolds in this mid-town, dinner theatre, reminiscent of an English parlour, as the world’s greatest chef; Harold Confit presents the ultimate cooking competition to create the “perfect menu”. The audience meets up with the great chefs including Gordon Ramekin, Jamie Oliveoyl, Rachel Bray, Wolfgang Pluck, and Giada Alacarta, and are asked to help solve this cunning, culinary case. The names may be similar to your favourite television chefs…but that’s where the similarities begin and end.

“You are enjoying a fabulous meal from our new menu,” explains Brian Caw.

Intriguing dessert time

“The intrigue heightens around dessert time, where you meet some colourful characters. The plot thickens when somebody dies! A detective leads the investigation. The suspects are spread throughout the room, sitting right at the tables with the guests. So, you get to participate and see if you can solve the…whodunit?! Prizes are awarded to some of the guests with the correct solution”.

Looking for added spice? “Guests celebrating a special event can be incorporated into the mystery and put under suspicion.” explains Brian Caw.

Caws says that Mysteriously Yours Inc. has a solid reputation as the world’s largest professional producer of interactive murder mystery entertainment. All of their detailed, solvable mysteries are based on familiar themes with lots of comedy and audience participation.

The cast of Hal’s Kitchen: [What’s Burning?] includes Laurence Prance as Gordon Ramekin; Barb Scheffler as Rachel Bray; Pierre Trudel as Wolfgang Pluck; Ian Keeling as Charles Fromage;  Simon Esler as Jamie Oliveoyl and Madeleine Donohue as Giada Alacarta. Actor, Prance has been a fixture at Mysteriously Yours for more than 22 years…entertaining audiences with his unlimited characterizations.

The show is a group effort written by Brian Caws, Ken MacDougall and the rest of the cast.

You can catch performances every Friday and Saturday and select Thursdays. Dinner begins from 6:30pm; show time is 8:00pm.

For more information about Hal’s Kitchen [What’s Burning?] at Mysteriously Yours, Mystery Dinner Theatre, 2026 Yonge Street, Toronto, call [416] 486-7469 or 1-800-NOT-DEAD [668-3323].

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